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Don’t consider yourself lost at any point. We show you how you can easily get to our Shri Yantra Mandir, Kankhal , Haridwar,once you come in Haridwar, India.

Our Shri Yantra Mandir is located in Kankhal, Haridwar and most of the transport facilities are less than 20 to 50 minutes away.

Just 26 km from the Dehradun Airport
Our Shri Yantra Mandir is just 26km from the Dehradun Airport, one of the best airports of Uttrakhanda. If you are a foreign national, we recommend you board a flight to Dehradun Airport as it will be the most beneficial to you.

20 minutes from Railway Station, Haridwar & Main Bus Stand, Haridwar.
Railway Station & Bus Stand is only two K.M away from Shri Yantra Mandir.There are several trains a day between Delhi and Haridwar, schedule is posted below.So, You can book tickets online upto Haridwar Junction at You can either hire a taxi from ashram sources to bring you directly to the ashram, or you can take a taxi or Auto Riksha for Shree Yantra Mandir..

Coming by Car :-
• After entering Haridwar city look out for Swami Shradhanad Chounk (Singdwara), which is situated on the Delhi Haridwar road .
• Take a right turn from crossing the Chounk near Gurukul Kangadi Pharmacy. From the right turn ashram is just one KM away on Lakshar Road.You can find a signboard of our Ashram with proper direction.
• Enquire about Shree Yantra Temle or Vishvakalyan Sadhanayatana Ashram..

Direct buses from Delhi to Haridwar
You can take a bus from Delhi. The buses are frequent so you won’t have much trouble getting here. Just a word of caution here, don’t take buses because they are too tacky.

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